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ephaistion85 [userpic]
To all the Echelon out there!!!
by ephaistion85 (ephaistion85)
at September 13th, 2007 (09:07 pm)

This is a message from some European Echelon to all the Echelon out there. If you agree with us, please repost this letter on your lj, joining your nick and your name in the list below the text. Add a comments here or send me an e-mail, so we can add your name as well.

Dear friends, we know we’re all bonded together in the name of something bigger than just a word. Echelon is for us a family to run to and to count on. We built this giant community starting from a simple thing, like music, and made it bigger and bigger with our own efforts. The success of the band brought to the family worthy people, and many of us wouldn’t be here if it didn’t happen. But now, we find ourselves in a frustrating situation that’s hard to manage. The public became bigger and we had to reach a compromise with all the people that likes the band in a superficial way. The risk is now to lose the true meaning of our bond. We share visions, values and passion, we can’t let those people weaken our beliefs. And we won’t, we’ll keep on fighting and being supportive with each other and with the band, which, we’re sure, will give us the signs we need.

1) velvetmorning (Giorgia)
2) phai85 (Beatrice)
3) Raffie (Raffaella)
4) ginny (Ginevra)
5) ladyanne (Francesca)
6) Abigale (Francesca)
7) melania (Melania)
8) Guia (Guia)
9) Emi (Emanuela)
10) Vasperia (Valentina)
11) Venus from Mars (Ilaria)
12) celebel (Chiara)
13) La Morrigan (Sabrina)
14) Angel on Mars (Angela)
15) jn (Nicoletta)
16) Ombra (Marika)
17) xsimox (Simona)
18) Darkgreen (Evelina)
19) Ramy (Ramona)
20) Acquila (Giovanna)
21) Dolly 23 (Elisa)
22) Barbara (Barbara)
23) denny987 (Denise)
24) FallenAngel (Valentina)
25) Dreamflight (Eleonora)
26) shine (Laura)
27) lamaura78 (Laura)
28) Lady Miriel (Cristina)
29) NeMeSiS (Giordana)
30) SeleneEralia (Erika)
31) Victory (Valentina)
32) Nadia (Nadia)
33) xEll3 (Tania)
34) mad charlie (Carla)
35) westerna's ghost (Libby) (BB)
36) pr3ttylu5h (Sarah)
37) kurama (Erika)
38) Folleria (Sonia)
39) Nous (Elisa)
40) Vampi (Eleonora)
41) Kiwi (Sabrina)
42)Roxy (Roberta)
43) °D@ri@° (Daria)
45)Nemesister (Virginia)
47)La_Marghe (Margherita)
48)Veronica (Veronica)


Posted by: ((Anonymous))
Posted at: December 30th, 2007 12:37 am (UTC)

Dear ECHELON, your help is very necessary to us! Now on Russian site mtv http://www.mtv.ru/events/actions/2007/video2007/main.wbp
passes voting in a nomination the BEST VIDEO of YEAR. We are on 7 place, but I hope, that with your help we can become leaders.
Voting will be prolonged till January, 21st, to vote it is possible some time.
Please support us!
Russian friends.

Posted by: trueechelon (trueechelon)
Posted at: January 2nd, 2008 09:15 am (UTC)
I agree

TrueEchelon (Grazia)

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